Island Bay Presbyterian Church




Welcome to Island Bay Presbyterian Church We are a community of pilgrims seeking to love and support one another, and our wider community, as we journey through life. 

As a Presbyterian church we are oriented towards the God of the Bible, who is made known to us most fully in Jesus Christ, who calls us to follow in the way of Christ, and who dwells in us through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our community contains a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds as we strive to listen to God, learn from each other, and be inspired to live in the Light of God. We believe that everyone has a place and everyone has a gift to offer, so we strive to involve all ages and abilities in our church. 

You are welcome to journey with us, with our primary gathering being our 10am service on a Sunday morning where we give space to a variety of traditions and musical styles in our worship together. 

For the latest weekly "Sunday News" click here. The 'Bay Kids' winter 2015 newsletter is out now. Lots of info on what, who and where for fun and important children's activities.

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Services July-August 2015

July 26th: communion
2nd Aug: Nathan preaching, Band playing
9th Aug: Nathan preaching, Bill playing
16th Aug: Madeline preaching, Band playing

Coming up 2015

HARP CONCERT here at IBPC. Come and hear Tiffany Baker’s harp students in a concert at 2:15 p.m. on Sunday 30 August. There will be a koha opportunity at the door (which goes to the church).

JUNIOR GROUP...Specially for kids in years 6-8! We have a new junior group that's just started~! It's about fun, food and getting out a bit - after school every other Tuesday. If you want to talk more about it or get involved, chat to Madeleine - 021 231 0227, or drop in to Island Bay Presbyterian on a Wednesday morning to talk to her.
The first meet up was about making snacks, playing cards and checking out Shorland Park. So - Berhampore, Island Bay and area kids - this is a fortnightly event just for you!

School Holiday Programme

Our next programme will run in January 2016.  Please call our office on 383 8699 if you have any queries.