~ Connecting people with God and each Other ~


Welcome to Island Bay Presbyterian Church. We are a community of pilgrims seeking to love and support one another, and our wider community, as we journey through life.
As a Presbyterian church we are oriented towards the God of the Bible, who is made known to us most fully in Jesus Christ, who calls us to follow in the way of Christ, and who dwells in us through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Sunday Services, starting at 10am:
Feb 25th: Nathan is preaching, the Ensemble play; Lent 2
Mar 4th: Nathan is preaching, the Band plays, Communion
Mar 11th: Susan is preaching, our Ensemble play; Lent 4
Mar 18th: Bruce is preaching, our Band is playing; Lent 5
Our Sunday service lasts for around an hour. We try to include different styles of music – ancient and modern – over each month. We have a comprehensive kids programme too.
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