Pope Gregory and the Fourth Horseman of Pestilence – Rev Nathan Parry, 10 March 2020.

Lent 2018

Lent 1:  Gateway 1 – Revelation. Rev. Nathan Parry
Lent 2:  Gateway 2 – Commitment. Rev. Nathan Parry
Lent 3:   Gateway 3 – Submission. Rev Nathan Parry

Lent 4: Gateway 4 – Discipline.  Rev Susan Blaikie
Lent 5:  Gateway 5 – Leadership Rev Bruce Hamill

General Sermons

Sept 17, 2017, Parting the Red Sea: Exodus 14, Rev. Nathan Parry
April 2, 2017,  A Lent Lament, Rev. Nathan Parry.
March 26 2017,  The Temptations of Christ, Rev. Nathan Parry.

March 19 2017,  40 Days in the Wilderness, Rev Nathan Parry.
Feb 26 2017, The life, faith and politics of Lady Frances and Sir Arnold Nordmeyer, Rev. Nathan Parry.
February 19 2016, John 15 9-17,  Rev. Nathan Parry.
February 12 2017, The Relational God, Rev. Bruce Hamill.

Anniversary Services
Some years, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the church’s founding in 1899, we hold an old time religion service. For these we pick a decade, invite in a band to play in the style of that decade, encourage people to dress up, and look at the issues facing the church in that era.

October 1 2017: 500 Years since Luther’s Reformation  Rev. Nathan Parry
October 8 2016:  1890s decade celebration: Victorian-Steampunk. Rev. Nathan Parry.
February 23 2014: 200th anniversary of the Gospel in New Zealand
October 14 2012: The 1980s
October 9 2011: 400 Years of the King James
October 11 2009: The 1960s
October 7 2007: The 1940s
October 8 2006: The 1920s

Summer of Art/Music Services:
This concept for services was borrowed from CitySide Baptist in Auckland. They are shorter services for the four Sundays after Christmas, where each week a different member of the congregation is invited to present works of art, poetry or music that have been significant in their spiritual lives and their growth with God. They can be lighter than standard services, and are a great opportunity for people to share what God has been doing in their lives.

January 2016: The Art of Karl Bloch
January 18 2015 :The Celts and the Celtic Cross
January 22 2012: Van Gogh’s Churches
January 16 2011: Van Morrison: Astral Weeks
January 17 2010: McCahon’s Elias
January 11 2009: The Isenheim Altarpiece
January 20 2008: Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity
January 8 2007: “Hildegard of Bingen, a Portrait”