Health & Safety – hiring the Centre

All groups using the church facilities should familiarise themselves with the emergency exits, equipment and evacuation procedure described here.

Emergency exits (green signs overhead):
Hall – south door
Hall Foyer – main door
Lounges – north door
Kitchen – rear door
Church – back and front of church

Emergency equipment:
Hall Foyer: Fire alarm, fire hose
Lounge: siren on north wall
Kitchen: fire extinguisher by rear door
Church: fire extinguisher on wall behind front right exit (passage side); Church Foyer: fire extinguisher on wall

Evacuation Procedure:
The group leader on the premises becomes the head fire warden.
Warden puts on the jacket in the Hall foyer hose reel cabinet
On hearing the alarm or informed there is a fire:
1. Ensure all groups in the Centre evacuate via nearest safe exit. Activate alarm (Hall Foyer) if not already going.
2. Ensure Fire Service notified. Use a safe phone; ring 111; ask for Fire Service and tell them there is a fire. Give address: 88 the Parade, Island Bay, Wellington.

With due regard for personal safety:
3. Fight the fire only if safe to do so or life is threatened.
4. Check that building is vacated, especially toilets, attic room, walk in cupboards, vestry. Ensure assistance given to all who need it, eg old, young,  disabled; delegate if necessary. Account for all group members where possible.
5. Close all doors to minimise smoke and fire spread.
6. Liaise with Fire Service: Location of fire, building assistance register and location of any persons still in building.
7. Notify Church authorities from a safe phone. Property Task Group Representative : Graeme 021 162 2936.