Articles by and about Kae Miller

Delve more deeply into the life and work of our CompassionFest 2023 heroine in the articles below… As these media predate the digital age, they may be better printed.

The War Years:

1939 Press Article written by Kae Miller from Pre-War Berlin:

Letter excerpt re Martin Gauger: – A reflection by Kae on the war years and the execution of a friend

Excerpt Prior letters to Bethel: – A letter written by NZ’s preeminent Logician during WWII about the situation of Jewish Refugees in London, with an allusion to Kae and her theology


Kae’s New Zealand Activism:

Porirua tip Dominion 1978:

Porirua Tip Evening Post Article 1978:

Kae photos from Porirua tip:

1980 Listener Article:

1983 Dominion Article on the Princess Bay Project:

1985 Follow-up Dominion Article on Princess Bay:

1985 Article on the Alice Krebbs Lodge:

1987 Independent Article on Kae’s plans for Eco-Friendly Co-Housing in Khandallah – and community opposition to this plan:

Kae Miller’s Obituary 1994: