Weekly News – June 2017

July/August Services
23 July: Nathan is preaching and the Ensemble is playing.
30 July: Nathan is preaching; our Band is playing
6 August: Nathan preaching; our Band is playing
13 August: Nathan is preaching; Bill Roberts is playing and it is a communion service

IBPC and Community News & Events

This afternoon, 2 July, a Winter Afternoon High Tea at IBPC is to be held from 2.30 — 4.00pm – fundraising for the Heart Foundation and for our Girls’ Brigade Company. All welcome. Entry by Koha.

• IBPC is to be the venue for a special Baroque Guitar Recital next Sunday, 9 July, featuring visiting Italian Maestro Giuseppe Petrella. The concert is approximately one hour, in the church, starting at 2.30pm followed by coffee and biscotti and a chance to chat. Entry is by way of folding koha please. All welcome. Speak to Dana for more info about Giuseppe Petrella.

Thanks everyone for your continued provision of soup and baking. Your soup has received high praise. I was accosted down the street the other day by a lunch-attender who declared that the soup is the best he has ever tasted. At the moment soup levels are lowering in the freezer so if you have the opportunity to make some more it would be greatly appreciated. It is great if you can also list the ingredients on the outside of the container.

• On Thursdays between 4.15pm and 5.15pm I do a volunteer job in town for Boys and Girls Institute, picking up bread at the end of the day from a local cafe. Some of the bread is used for our Berhampore project. During my holidays in July I will need a substitute driver. Could you help out on the 13th and 20th of July? The Berhampore Project will be very grateful. [Bruce]

• Mel is looking for volunteers to do the kids talk in church on a Sunday morning for Term 3. It’s super easy and only needs to be 5 minutes or so. You could share with them your favourite bible story, link it to a theme (eg Father’s Day etc), share a God moment (eg beautiful sunset you saw or something), anything you like really. Also if you google ‘kids sermons’, loads of stuff comes up. Please let Mel know if you can help fill this gap — basically you can name your Sunday!

Garage sale change of date. The garage sale is now on 12th August, with set up on the 11th from 6.30pm. Please join in, with children, for setting up or helping on the day. Drop your saleable treasures to the church office door in the interim.

• Please drop any spare plastic bags to the church kitchen. They are useful for holding cellophane and all manner of soft plastic packaging not accepted by the fortnightly curbside collection.

• BBQ at the beach? We have a fire permit that is valid until March 2018, applicable to Houghton Bay and Princess Bay. If you or your group would like to organise a beach event based around a bonfire or a barbeque on the sand, contact Helen in the office.