Weekly News – Sept 2017

September/October Services

Sept 24: David Cross is preaching; Ensemble is playing
October 1: We host the combined Island Bay churches service
October 8: Joe Fecteau leads; hymn service
October 15: Bruce preaches; the band plays.

IBPC and Community News & Events

• Thanks to Susan for leading our service and bringing us a Word of Faith today.

Welcome to today’s service as we look at the ancient and well-known story from Exodus 14 of the parting of the Red Sea. Today is also a communion service. At IBPC we believe that the communion table is the table of our Lord Jesus Christ, and as he shared table with all comers during his earthly life – sinners and saints, believers and seekers — so he welcomes all to his table this morning, regardless where on the journey of faith they are.

• On Monday this week our Sunday Club children visited Downtown Community Ministry taking the foodbank collection along with the friendship quilts we made in our Cross-Generation service a few weeks ago. They were given a good tour of the premises and got to see the need we try to support here at IBPC. Pictures of this trip are on our Facebook page.

• Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, Island Bay are hosting a workshop from 10am to 4pm, Saturday 30 September 2017 with Sister Anne Powell. Poems, like prayer, are about presence. They offer us an alternative space. This is a day with meditation and New Zealand poetry. There will be opportunities for reading poems, guided meditation and writing. In addition, please bring two of your favourite New Zealand poems. A koha is appreciated, lunch is included. Enquiries and Registrations to retreat@compassion.org.nz or (04) 383 7769.

• To get us into the mood for the Reformation, on Saturday 30th September we will be showing the 2003 British film Luther starring Joseph Feinnes. This is more of a popular re-telling of the story with limited focus on the theological niceties, but is well acted, well made, and is a good introduction to the story. Meet in the lounge at 7pm for hot chocolate, film begins 7:15.

• Our AGM date has been set for 2017. This will be at the later date of Nov 17th, 7pm. Mark it in your diaries!

• Parish Council and the Board of Managers are meeting after the service next Sunday to consider financial questions, with the starting point that if God is calling us to do certain ministries then God will provide the resources to support them. How will God provide though, and what is our role in seeking other forms of income? After next week’s initial discernment session, the discussion will be opened up to the whole congregation to participate in if they wish, with a view to bringing some ideas and an update of what we are doing to the AGM.

• Nathan will go to Sarah Miles’ talk next Saturday 10am-4pm. Let him know if you want to carpool or borrow one of her books.

Baby Celebration for Maria and Alison, 3pm next Sunday, 24th Sept. In the church lounge, please bring a plate, all welcome to have a cuppa and chat and look forward to new babies arriving.

• October 29th is the Sunday closest to Reformation Day (Oct 31st). As this year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this will be set aside as a German-themed Sunday. The service will include Reformation hymns, and focus on the events that surrounded the Reformation in 1517. After the service we are asking for contributions of sausages, bread, pickles and other German delicacies for a shared lunch — as well as a sauerkraut making competition! If you make sauerkraut or would like to give it a try (basically it’s just cabbage and salt), please bring along the fruit of your labour for your brothers and sisters to try.

• Parish Council received minimal feedback on the idea of going as a parish to the New Wine Festival as our church camp for 2017. The Parry’s are intending to go however, so if you are interested, let them know.

• Thanks to John, your award-winning Spanz magazine is waiting for you to grab it at the end of the service.