Weekly News – 27 May 2018

Upcoming Services

June 3rd:    Nathan is leading; Band playing; Queen’s Birthday
June 10th:    Liz  is preaching; Bill is playing
June 17th:    Nathan is leading; Ensemble is playing
June 24th:    Susan is preaching; our Band is playing


BPC and Community News and Events

Last weekend our parish Berhampore Team raised a great sum for Kaibosh (the organisation that receives food that would otherwise be wasted, and gives it to those who need it).
On Saturday 19th about 40 people had a great night out at the Centennial Flats community space, thanks to a fantastically dedicated team who cooked up a storm! Helen (from the office) brought along her ukulele band, adding to the atmosphere. Kathryn from Kaibosh gave us a short presentation on Kaibosh’s impact in Wellington.
Did you know that 40% of food produced in the world is wasted? Every Saturday night we take some of the rescued food to Granville Flats. Thanks also to all who donated to the cause, especially those who didn’t even get to the dinner!

•    Please pray for our older boys and their leaders as they return from their weekend Boys’ Brigade tramp today.

•    Statistics! The 2018 Census stats will be out soon, conveying another expected drop of those who identify as Christian, which will likely be in the newspapers.
In the lead up to this, a more extensive survey was done by an Australian outfit about Kiwis’ religious attitudes, with some interesting results: the study found that 33% of Kiwis identify as Christian, with 16% attending church at least once a month.

Next Wednesday 30th May is pie collection evening here at church – 5.30pm. (Girls’ Brigade fundraiser)

•    A warm welcome to Wellington South Plunket, who are now hiring our Lounge every Wednesday during the day to run family clinics. Charlotte, Plunket’s nurse, is happy to have found a friendly base in Island Bay and is especially looking forward to being close for Berhampore families with babies.

June Events

•    On June 3rd we’re having a family movie night in the lounge; an appropriate G-rated film will be selected. Come at 6pm with your dinner if you wish, and the film will start at 7pm sharp.

•    Time to declutter? Our next garage sale is June 9th, 10am-noon.

•    On June 10th and 17th we will be having two gatherings over lunch after the service, which are called our Orientation Sessions. These are a chance to share your stories of how you came to Island Bay Presbyterian and to hear the story of our church, our sense of mission and the things that we do. See Nathan for more info.

•    Matariki begins on June 15th! We’re holding a fun evening event on Sat 16th, and a themed kids-friendly service on the 17th.