Coming Up

Weekly home group on Thursday evenings, 2018. Talk to Susan. 

“Growing great marriages / relationships” workshop. Sunday 30th September, 7.30pm. Baptist church, Island Bay.

Compassion Festival (Sister Aubert): October 5-7th 2018. Here and in the Island Bay community. Go to our homepage for all the details!

Next garage sale? October! Please bring all donations of goods to the church office.

From February 2017: “The Free Lunch” is an open space to share food and good friendship. Come along to Granville Flats community room, Berhampore, on any Tuesday at midday. Contact our community minister, Bruce, for more info.

Christening: Are you considering having your child christened, or having a naming ceremony?  Here’s an introduction to what is available at our church, and what each ceremony means.