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Our Focus
Our Three Branches of Ministry
Our Focus

In our life together as a community of faith, we have been drawn to the image of a mamaku or tree fern. New branches slowly unfurl and open up, on maturity taking their place in the canopy of the tree. Sometimes a branch will reach the end of its life, but there is always space for other branches to grow up and take that place, and the tree (which is the community of believers, sharing their lives together in faith) endures.

Currently we feel that the Spirit has nurtured the growth of three branches which represents three overlapping ministries for our faith community, while we still await new and future ministries to unfurl. All three branches are heavily dependent on volunteer time, donations, prayers and commitment.

These Three Branches of Ministry are:
  1. Our wider faith community living out their faith day by day. We are joined in prayer, pastoral care, and by sharing our lives and life transitions with each other. People engage with this community at different levels, but this community hinges on the regular spiritual discipline of weekly Sunday worship as well as other gatherings during the week.
  2. The children, youth and young families living in our local area. In 2010, we committed to be present and journey with these families from preschool to university.
  3. Our Tēpu Mō Tātou project which focuses on “doing life” with those resident in and around the Social Housing complexes in Berhampore and Newtown. This is a work that overlaps with many other partner groups, including the fortnightly Nourish house church gathering.

All are welcome to join us in our journey of faith and service, please contact us if you would like more information about any of these.

Children at IBPC:

IBPC is a ‘kids friendly’ certified church. We take seriously the place and spiritual development of our young people. Children are involved in Sunday services before going out to age-appropriate programmes. Click here for info on our Sunday morning programmes.

Christenings & Blessings. Are you considering having your child christened? Here are some some thoughts on the different forms of naming ceremony and how you can do this.


Sermons are the weekly talks by our ministers, volunteer leaders, or visiting speakers, focusing on a passage from the Bible or a spiritual topic relating to daily life.  They are emailed each week after the service; if you’d like to be on the mailing list contact


Do you desire prayer?
Your prayer need could be confidentially shared with our prayer team. Or if you would you like to be prayed for in person contact the minister, or there are opportunities to receive prayer after the service and during communion services.

What else is happening? For events coming up, head to our Facebook page.